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This 85 m masterpiece is a privately owned luxury yacht which offers accommodation for up to 12 guests in six guest suites. She contains various luxury spaces, such as a lounge/bar, saloon, dining area, gymnasium and a wellness centre. The crew is accommodated in 12 crew cabins and also has access to a relaxation room and crew TV lounge. Valerie was constructed at Lürssen-Rendburg shipyard in Germany and delivered in 2011.


Scope of Supply

Heinen & Hopman designed, installed and commissioned the complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system onboard Valerie, including a provision cooling plant and engine room ventilation.

One of the main challenges in this project was to develop an AC system that produces low noise while keeping the vessel’s accommodation at the required temperature. This all had to be achieved within the limited space available for ducting and main equipment.

Air conditioning system

Each occupied room is supplied with approximately 50% fresh air and 50% recirculated air, providing sufficient fresh air changes for each space. 

The air conditioning system is divided into two types of sub-system, namely:

  • Single-duct, Variable Air Volume (VAV), low-to-medium velocity distribution system: individual supply and control with VAV control, electric re-heating and individual room temperature controller. This system is installed to serve the owner and guest accommodation, including luxury public spaces such as the lounge/bar, saloon and dining area.
  • Single-duct, constant air volume, low-to-medium velocity distribution system: individual supply and control with electric re-heating and room temperature controller.

This system is installed to serve the crew areas: crew cabins, crew lounge, pantries, captain’s quarters, ship’s office, wheelhouse, etc.

Due to the two different types of system required and the available space for air handlers, we designed an AC system that consists of seven air conditioning sub-systems: four serving the crew accommodation areas, and three serving owner and guest accommodation.

This flexibility gives the client maximum control, as well as flexibility in terms of service and maintenance. In addition, it is possible to run each individual AC system in low energy consumption mode when certain spaces are not occupied.

The AC system's mechanical extraction fans operate in conjunction with the air handlers and are designed to maintain a positive pressure level inside the vessel, thus preventing salty outside air from entering the vessel and damaging the interior.

All rooms not served by air conditioning have been provided with accurate mechanical ventilation systems. Wherever necessary or requested by the client, these incorporate chilled water-cooled local fan coil units. 

Fan coil units

The fan coil units are chilled water-cooled and electrically heated. They were supplied complete with cooling block, chilled chasers (electric heaters), fan, and three-way valves. The fan coil units are cooled with chilled water supplied by the chilled-water unit. Each fan coil unit is provided with a frequency controller for room temperature and fan speed control by means of local display/control panels. 

Chiller plant

Valerie has two fully independent chilled-water units (CWU) for chilled water production, together ensuring a cooling capacity of 150%. The 50% redundancy has been calculated based on the total required cooling capacity for accommodation spaces and local fan coil units. Each unit has two semi-hermetic screw compressors and two sea water-cooled condensers (shell and tube type), including two plate heat exchangers. The compressors are staged and their speed is controlled by frequency drives, depending on the required cooling load.

In summer conditions, the chilled water unit is in operation and the chilled water pumps deliver chilled water at 6°C (supply temp.) to the individual air handling units and local fan coil units.

Engine room ventilation

The engine room is fitted with two main supply fans and two main extraction fans, placed on either side of the room. The capacity of the fans is sufficient to supply combustion air and air for cooling the engine room. The axial flow-type fans are driven by frequency invertors for speed control. A pressure sensor is fitted to maintain a slight overpressure inside the engine room. The pressure is controlled by a PLC-controller.

When the main engines are started, the system automatically switches to Auto Mode. The exhaust fans’ speed is automatically adjusted as the temperature increases, measured by a sensor located within the engine room. The supply fans’ speed is controlled by a pressure sensor. 

As the engines demand greater volumes of air and the exhaust fan flow increases as the temperature rises, the supply fans’ speed increases to meet the additional airflow requirements. This maintains the correct pressure inside the engine room. 

In addition, two local fan-coil units are installed on either side of the engine room. In harbour mode, this allows the engine room to remain cool without running the engine room fans, resulting in reduced noise. 

Provision cooling plant

Valerie is fitted with two provision cooling plants built as a single unit and serving three cooling rooms (freezer, refrigerator and garbage room). One plant is calculated to supply 100% capacity, with the other acting as a stand-by.

Each provision cooling plant has its own refrigerant lines and evaporators, making the two systems fully separate and independent from each other. This gives the client maximum flexibility in terms of service, maintenance and repairs.

A further advantage is that both systems can run at the same time in the event of the provision cooling cells being overloaded and needing to be cooled down in a short time.

Control/monitoring system

Each AC system is provided with its own control panel with a local display installed. These provide control over each fan, fan coil unit, and air handling unit, and also allow temperatures, pressure, humidity, etc. to be monitored.

All the necessary equipment for the correct functioning of the system can be controlled and regulated from switchboard panels. The PLC inside each switchboard panel is connected to a stand-alone Ethernet-based network. In the ECR, a PC has been installed and hooked up to the network, which allows the whole HVAC system to be controlled and monitored from the PC.

The monitoring system monitors the HVAC system’s main data, such as all AHU actual data, and the status of valves, heaters, temperatures, alarms, etc. If required by the client, Heinen & Hopman can offer assistance via a remote service. Using this remote service, we can log into Valerie’s control and monitoring system wherever the vessel is located.

The HVAC control system can also be hooked up to other control systems, such as the central ship monitoring system and/or entertainment systems.


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One of the main challenges in this project was to develop an AC system that produces low noise while keeping the vessel’s accommodation at the required temperature.

Huib Wassink

Huib Wassink

Huib Wassink

- Sales Manager

Huib Wassink

Huib Wassink

- Sales Manager

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