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One of the greatest yachts built at Oceanco is the 85-metre sailing yacht Aquijo, also known as Hull Y711/Hull 3069 or Project 85. Project 85 is a massive all-aluminium ketch-rigged vessel, representing a remarkable co-operation of Oceanco (specialized in building large custom power yachts) and Vitters shipyard (specialized in building large high performance sailing yachts). Tripp design was responsible for the vessel’s exquisite exterior design.

Outstanding sailing abilities and comfort at the same time

As an experienced sailor, the owner’s brief called for a performing and comfortable cruising yacht, suitable for long range world-wide cruising and with long-time independence from shore. This yacht has been designed to be as agile and easy to handle as smaller yachts.

Both Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco have been dedicated to make Project 85 the first large sailing super yacht that combines outstanding sailing abilities and technology with reliability and state-of-the-art comfort and luxury. Guests and crew are assured of sailing in safety and comfort.

Heinen & Hopman comfort

Ultra-comfortable living areas have been realized by installing high-quality Heinen & Hopman HVAC systems, including air conditioning/chilled water systems, a fresh-air system and mechanical ventilation (exhaust and supply). For perfectly preserved food and drinks, a freeze and fridge installation and cold stores have been installed. Furthermore, a heat recovery system, a monitoring system, a scupper and drain system, and a sanitary installation consisting of hot and cold water systems and greywater and blackwater systems have been installed by Heinen & Hopman.

The yacht has been launched last May and was delivered to her owner in 2015.

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Ultra-comfortable living areas have been realized by installing high-quality Heinen & Hopman HVAC systems.

Huib Wassink

Huib Wassink

Huib Wassink

- Sales Manager

Huib Wassink

Huib Wassink

- Sales Manager

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