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    HVAC | Icebreaker Baltika

    Baltika is a new type of icebreaker that uses its asymmetrical hull to break ice sideways. It was built at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, Finland, in cooperation with Shipyard Yantar JSC, Russia. Yantar JSC has produced the blocks of the vessel. 

    Vessel details

    Baltika was built for the Russian Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport and will be operated by the FGI Gosmorspassluzhba (Russian Marine Emergency Rescue Service). It will be used in icebreaking, rescue and oil spill response operations in the Gulf of Finland. The vessel features an asymmetric hull, built-in oil recovery system and three 360 degrees rotating propulsors, which allow the vessel to operate efficiently sideways, astern and ahead. In the oblique mode the vessel will be able to generate a 50 m wide channel in 0.6 m thick ice. Baltika is thus the first icebreaker ever that can break a channel in ice that is twice as wide as its own breadth.

    The HVAC systems

    The HVAC equipment should be able to withstand the harsh summer and winter conditions and needs to meet the requirements of the applicable classification. Heinen & Hopman was responsible for the design, engineering, project management, production, commissioning and service & maintenance of the custom-built HVAC system. Some of the installed equipment includes:

    • Air handling units
    • Fan coil units
    • Central heating
    • Axial fans
    • Air filters
    • Provision cooling system

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    H&H Headquarters
    Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Shipyard Yantar JSC
    IMO No.
    Name Vessel
    Russian Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport
    Delivery year
    Country of Delivery
    Vessel type
    76.4 m

    Baltika is the first icebreaker ever that can break a channel in ice that is twice as wide as its own breadth.

    Paul Spoorenberg

    Paul Spoorenberg

    - Sales Manager

    Paul Spoorenberg

    Paul Spoorenberg

    - Sales Manager

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