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WMR Duct Fan

WMR Duct Fan

Marine duct fans WMR are destined for operation in ventilation systems of seagoing of unrestricted cruising area as well as offshore objects. Temperature of conveyed medium must not exceed +45 0C, dust content 0.3g/m3.

Design features

  • Made of steel or plastic, with epoxy coating
  • Speed-controllable using optional solid-state speed control
  • Fans can be used to supply or exhaust air
  • Fans can be installed horizontally and vertically
  • Fans can be installed in flexible or rigid duct
  • Extensive range of accessories


Casing and impeller are made of PA2 aluminum sheets, welded. A terminal box with G20 cable gland, for feeding cable connection, is fitted on the casing. Electric motor: induction, squirrel-type, 3-phase, IP55 enclosure, in marine execution.

The WMR duct fan is ABS and RMRS certified.

More information about WMR Duct Fans

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our WMR Duct Fans. Our skilled engineers are eager to explain the possibilities for your vessel or structure.

Download the WMR Duct Fans brochure for detailed information and technical specifications.

Our working method

Each project is a unique combination of improvisation and routine. There is only one thing that all the projects have in common: the main processing, all the way from initial inquiry to after-sales care:

Working method


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Duct Fan WMR

Download the brochure for detailed information and technical specifications, free of charge!

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