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Overhaul Fans E-motor

Overhaul Fans E-motor

Air conditioners collect dust when they operate. Dust accumulates in various places inside the air conditioners. Dust adhered on heat exchangers, fans, and drain pans can become the cause of serious damage to equipment. Accumulated dust not only lowers heat exchanger efficiency but also reduces the amount of airflow to affect the overall performance. Dust also leads to mold generation, odors, water leakage, and equipment breakdowns. Air conditioner fans operate continuously throughout the year - not only during the cooling and heating seasons but also during the interim periods for ventilation. Abnormal noise and vibration can indicate the need to replace fan bearings. Rather than waiting for a breakdown during peak cooling and heating seasons, get your system checked by a skilled Heinen & Hopman service technician.

Extended equipment service life

One extremely important part of preventive maintenance is the overhaul. Overhauls provide opportunities to disassemble and inspect parts for wear and abnormalities. A consultation with a Heinen & Hopman service engineer helps customers determine a suitable interval for overhaul. More than being a precautionary measure to avoid product breakdowns, overhauls are pro-active measures to return system performance back to factory condition efficiency. In an overhaul, rotating parts (wear parts) are visually inspected for scuff marks, and dimensions are measured. Parts are cleaned, or replaced if faulty. An overhaul, therefore, eliminates the causes of deterioration resulting from aging (abrasion, looseness, and dimensional changes in rotating parts). An overhaul extends the equipment service life and assures many years of trouble-free operation.

Key feautures

  • Overhaul all brands and types of cooling compressors
  • Fitting workshop with lathes, planing and milling machines. Dynamic balancing of rotors, anchors and impellers up to 2,000 kg;
  • Equipment for MIG and TIG welding;
  • Winding workshop with fully automatic coil winding machine, wire drawing machine and an impregnation tank with drying and burnout oven;
  • Testing bench for generators and motors up to 150 kW. Direct current up to 600 V/200A and alternating current 120/208/230/400/460 V for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  • Your overhaul is an investment on return

If desired, the check-up report can be accompanied by quotations for recommended work and materials.

More information

If you would like to get more detailed information about overhaul of E-motor fans, please download the Overhaul Fans E-Motor brochure or contact us via email.

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Our working method

Each project is a unique combination of improvisation and routine. There is only one thing that all the projects have in common: the main processing, all the way from initial inquiry to after-sales care:

Working method


ProductsOverhaul Fans E-motor

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Overhaul Fans E-motor

Download the brochure for detailed information and technical specifications, free of charge!

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Rather than waiting for a breakdown during peak cooling and heating seasons, get your system checked by a skilled Heinen & Hopman service technician.

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

- MRO Manager

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

- MRO Manager

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