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NBC filtration unit

NBC filtration unit

NBC filtration protects navy vessels which have to operate under the threat of an attack by TIC's and TIM's. Reliable NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) filter systems are essential for operating under these circumstances without being contaminated. With our NBC filter units, provided with STANAG4447 filter elements, in combination with our overpressure controllers, a safe operating environment (citadel) is created, ensuring the optimal performance of the crew and electronic equipment. Our NBC filter units are available in a capacity range of 900 up to 1800m3/h.

NBC filter system – how does it work?

Our nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) filtration system provides clean filtered fresh air, free from NBC contaminates in an over pressure citadel. Three levels of filtration (coalescer, dust, and composite filtration) are applied to incoming air before it’s supplied to the citadel. The over pressure citadel removes the need for occupants to wear gas masks and protective clothing during NBC attacks. Two modes of operation allow clean fresh air to be supplied during peace time, or conventional combat times, and filtered fresh air during NBC warfare.

The control system constantly compares inside and outside pressures, and in case the citadel pressurization fails, a visual and/or audible warning is provided. The NBC filter unit is designed for external installation on citadels with a supply duct to the citadel interior. The NBC control unit is designed to be installed internally within the citadel covering the air duct to diffuse air entering the citadel. When the NBC filter unit is operational the unit is designed as a fail-safe system, i.e. should the unit sustain damage or an air seal leak, then clean air will leak out of the unit rather than contaminated air being drawn in.

More information about NBC Filtration Units

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our NBC Filtration Units. Our skilled engineers are eager to explain the possibilities for your vessel.

Download the NBC Filtration Units brochure for detailed information and technical specifications.

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