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Dampers AL

Dampers AL

ALFD fire and gas dampers

Fire and gas dampers prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas between ventilation ductwork, where people must have the maximum amount of time to react to possible fire. The dampers are type- approved according to A-0 (A-60).

The dampers have a flanged steel casing with opposed blades with thermal expanding gasket. The fail-safe is made by a thermal release device which operates if the temperature inside the duct increases above 72 °C (optionally 90 °C). If the power supply is interrupted, a spring return actuator closes the blade. The actual position of the blade is marked on the casing.

ALCT shut-off dampers

ALCT shut-off dampers shut off the airflow in ductwork. The dampers can be used as functional isolating dampers or as fire closure of main external ventilation openings as required by SOLAS. The dampers have a mild-steel frame and rotary blades actuated electrically, pneumatically or manually. The voltage or the working pressure of the control air must be specified at order.

ALSD smoke dampers

ALSD smoke dampers prevent the spread of smoke and gases through the pipework in case of fire. The dampers have a steel casing with spiro pipe connections on both ends and with a manually operated rotary flap, peripherally sealed with a rubber gasket. The actual open/closed position is secured with a fixing spring and labeled on the casing.

ALNV non-return valves

ALNV non-return valves are installed in ventilation ductwork of ships and off-shore objects to prevent the backflow of air through the ventilation ducts.

ALND non-return dampers

ALND non-return dampers are installed in ventilation ductwork of ships and offshore objects to prevent the backflow of air through the ventilation ducts. The dampers do not require an actuator or motor. The dampers must be installed horizontally or vertically. The dampers can be easily adjusted by adjusting the weight of each damper/installation or by adjusting the weights fitted to the blade shafts. The minimum opening force can be easily adjusted by the counterweights fitted to the blade shafts.

ALAD air flow diffusers

ALAD air flow diffusers are installed in ventilation ductwork of seagoing ships and offshore objects. The diffusers enable adjustment of the supplied air flow direction or the closing air supply. The diffusers have a flanged casing with rotary shutter blades made of galvanized steel sheet. The diffusers have a protecting wire guard fitted to the air outlet side.


The dampers can be controlled electrically, pneumatically or manually. In case of fire, the fire and gas dampers will close automatically. The electrically and pneumatically controlled dampers are driven by an actuator.

  • Belimo actuators: as standard actuator.
  • Schischek actuators: actuator used in explosion-proof areas or if the actuator must open/close within 3 s/90°.

More information about Dampers AL

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our Dampers AL. Our skilled engineers are eager to explain the possibilities for your vessel or structure.

Download the Dampers AL brochure for detailed information and technical specifications.

Our working method

Each project is a unique combination of improvisation and routine. There is only one thing that all the projects have in common: the main processing, all the way from initial inquiry to after-sales care:

Working method


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Dampers AL

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