Lukoil Vladimir Filanovsky Field
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HVAC | Lukoil Production Facilities

LUKOIL completed the installation of substructures for the ice-resistant fixed platform (IRFP), central processing platform (CPP), platform with living quarters (LQM-1) and riser block (RB) at the Vladimir Filanovsky field in the Caspian Sea.

Vladimir Filanovsky Oil Field

The V. Filanovsky oil field is located 50 km offshore and contains oil with very low sulphur content of just 0.1%. The reserves of the field include 153.1 million tonnes of oil and 32.2 billion cubic metres of gas.

HVAC Solutions

Heinen & Hopman supplied the HVAC systems for the central processing platform and the riser block. The project included design, engineering, production, commissioning, service and maintenance. The scope of supply includes:

Central processing platform

  • Air Handling Units 6x
  • Air cooled compressor sets 8x
  • Axial flow fans 30x
  • Centrifugal fans 65x
  • Fire dampers 165x
  • Duct Air filters 29x
  • Cassette Air filters 35x
  • Flow control dampers 159x
  • Non return dampers 129x
  • Split systems 22x
  • Supply grill incl. regulating damper 221x
  • Exhaust grill 133x
  • Water/gas proof louvers with cover 108x

Riser block

  • Air handling units 2x
  • Air cooled compressor sets 4x
  • Axial fans 6x
  • Ventilation louvers with cover 6x
  • Non return dampers 10x
  • Fire dampers 16x

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Lukoil Central Processing Platform and Riser Block

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Being an experienced offshore HVAC supplier, Heinen & Hopman was introduced by LUKOIL to take part in the basic design.

Paul Spoorenberg

Paul Spoorenberg

Paul Spoorenberg

- Sales Manager

Paul Spoorenberg

Paul Spoorenberg

- Sales Manager

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