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Arendal Spirit
Provided byHeinen & Hopman
Our mission is to ensure you the perfect climate indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

HVAC&R | Arendal Spirit

Our subsidiary Heinen & Hopman China has completed a remarkable project. Arendal Spirit is the world's first semi-submersible cylindrical floating accommodation unit. Constructed in COSCO Nantong shipyard, the design of Arendal Spirit is based on Sevan Marine’s unique cylindrical hull. This provides several advantages compared with traditional accommodation vessels, including high uptime, excellent motion characteristics (less seasickness), more deck space, better stabilities and more storage spaces. Arendal Spirit was delivered to the owner Teekay in February 2015, now it is chartered to Petrobras, operating in the sea outside Campos Basin, Brazil.



Arendal Spirit’ main hull has a diameter of 60 meters, the main deck’s diameter is 66meters, the hull depth is 27 meters and the operating draft is 14 meters. It is equipped with DP3 Dynamic positioning system, 6 units of 5700kW full rotary propeller, and a 9 point anchor mooring positioning system. 

A marine five star hotel

Arendal Spirit  features 500 beds in 248 cabins with en-suite bathrooms, windows, television, internet and telephone connections, lounge areas, coffee shop, public entertainment rooms, fitness rooms, dining rooms, office areas, meeting/conference room and cinema. 


Our scope of supply

The complete HVAC&R system was designed, delivered and commissioned by Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment (Shanghai) with the below characteristics and equipment:

  • Safety- special fire/smoke control philosophy
  • Safety - redundancy according to DP3
  • Comfort - low noise and vibration, DNV C(3), V(3)
  • Comfort - re-heating HVAC system to control individual temperature for cabins
  • Comfort - no untreated air brought to accommodation, including galley
  • Advance communication - centralized monitoring/ controlling in ECR via Profibus
  • Global operation possibility - NR13, 26 etc.
  • 16 sets of AHU
  • 43 sets of fan
  • 9 duct heaters
  • 172 fire dampers
  • 159 balance dampers
  • 13 silencers
  • 304 cabin units with electrical heater & 82 cabin units without electrical heater
  • Some supply air terminals
  • 6 sets of galley hood with fire-extinguishing system for cooking and frying area 
  • 22 sets of control panel
  • 3 sets of chiller and refrigerant water system
  • 1 set of direct expansion unit
  • 9 sets of SCU and 3 sets of FCU
  • 1 set of provision cooling system
  • Leakage detecting and recycling system

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H&H China
COSCO Nantong shipyard
Name Vessel
Arendal Spirit
Delivery year
Country of Delivery
Vessel type
Offshore Accommodation
Hull Diameter
60.0 m

We are proud to have cooperated on such an innovative project!

Lei Hong

Lei Hong

Lei Hong

- GM Heinen & Hopman China

Lei Hong

Lei Hong

- GM Heinen & Hopman China


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