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Offshore production platforms
Production platform air conditioning systems

Production platform air conditioning systems

No matter how harsh the offshore environment, Heinen & Hopman air conditioning systems are up to the task. By maintaining tolerable working conditions in an environment characterized by high temperatures and excessive humidity levels, offshore staff can perform their job safely and comfortable. Designing a well-balanced air conditioning system requires specialist knowledge and a thorough investigation of our clients’ needs. With over 50 years of experience in air conditioning technology, Heinen & Hopman knows how to assure you of a comfortable indoor climate.

Crew’s health and its effect on safety

The health of your crew is extremely important as it impacts productivity, profitability and safety. Air conditioning plays a vital role in improving safety on offshore platforms. Poor indoor air quality and airborne diseases can cause various symptoms that can lead to problems in crew member alertness which can result in safety risks. We take several measures to improve IAQ, focusing on the prevention of transmission and spread of particulates and microbial contaminants through the HVAC infrastructure. Our air handling units are equipped with access panels and designed and installed to be accessible for periodic inspections and air intake filter changing. The condensate collection pans are readily accessible for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.


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