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24/7 Service [http://localhost/en/contact/247-service/]


MRO, Service & Spares

Whether you are having difficulty with your chilled water systems, your air conditioning is not working properly or you simply have a question about some aspect of your HVAC system, Heinen & Hopman has a 24/7 global service network at your disposal.  Since our engineers have advanced expertise in and of HVAC systems, from installation to service, they are aware of the different problems that can be encountered onboard. This means you can rest assured that these true problem-solving professionals will have the answers you require. 

Systems undergoing maintenance and service most often include:

  • Chillers and chilled water systems
  • Fresh air/AC systems
  • Direct expansion systems
  • Duct/ventilation systems
  • Engine room ventilation systems
  • Fridges and freezers
No Heinen & Hopman HVAC system? No problem!
We can maintain, repair and overhaul any HVAC system from any brand.   

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

We can provide you with an answer to all your HVAC-related questions. We also provide annual check-ups. This way owners are spared unnecessary repairs and, even more importantly, sudden failures of the AC installation.





Spare Parts

To ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime for all your installed equipment, Heinen & Hopman has an extensive stock of spare parts for refrigeration and air conditioning used within marine installations, available through an efficient parts service.



Spare Parts

24/7 Service

We have fully equipped, specialised engineers who can offer last-minute, on-site service and maintenance for all HVAC systems onboard all vessels, yachts and offshore platforms. We can also provide any spare parts you may need to optimise your HVAC installations.

24/7 Service



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Heinen & Hopman Engineering HQ

Produktieweg 12Bunschoten3751 LNThe Netherlands
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