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COSCO Container Vessels
Provided byHeinen & Hopman
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Mechanical Ventilation | COSCO Container Vessels

Heinen & Hopman China is chosen by CMA ships and Zhoushan COSCO as mechanical ventilation supplier. The order comprises cargo hold fans and machinery space fans for four 3300TEU container vessel.

Besides supplying 50pcs. cargo hold fans for each vessel, H&H China is in charge of the ventilation arrangement for the cargo hold, including ducting, access way, stairs, maintenance space and hoist lift space in compliance with DNV-GL notation RCP.

It’s a challenging project which has to be executed in line with the following requirements:

  • Make sure 4500m3/h air flow volume for each refrigerated container with maximum deviation not exceeding±10%. Air to be always supplied directly towards the lower part of each refrigerated container at different loading module ( GP & HQ can be loaded randomly at each column).
  • Furthermore, stairs - not ladders -are requested to be placed in the cargo hold ventilation trunk for operation and maintenance purpose, which poses another challenge in terms of space.
  • Designing/ CFD simulation calculation and mock up test of each typical air duct system

Minimum available space

The lack of available space has been a challenge throughout the complete engineering stage. Refrigerated containers are located at both sides of each ventilation trunk, which minimizes the available space for access ways and the space available for maintenance of the compressor units. Using stairs instead of ladders in the cargo hold ventilation trunk for operation and maintenance purpose, poses another challenge in terms of space. Thanks to extensive communication and cooperation with the lashing bridge supplier and structure engineers of COSCO, H&H China has managed to design a system that facilitates the access to the cargo hold fans, lifting points, air inlets and outlets of cargo hold and managed to get this design approved by the classification authority.

More information

Would you like to get more information about cargo hold ventilation with RCP notation? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are eager to inform you about the possibilities.

Contact H&H China

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H&H China
COSCO (Zhoushan) Shipyard
Name Vessel
CMA CGM group
Delivery year
2018 - 2019
Country of Delivery
Vessel type
Container Vessel
219.00 m

The lack of available space has been very challenging during the engineering stage.

Lei Hong

Lei Hong

Lei Hong

- GM Heinen & Hopman China

Lei Hong

Lei Hong

- GM Heinen & Hopman China


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