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Ventilation Systems for carriers

Ventilation Systems for carriers

Fresh air is vital to both personnel and machinery. Engine room ventilation and ventilation of machinery control rooms are of great importance as it increases engine life and reduces the required maintenance. By ventilating the engine room with JET fans instead of regular fans and ducting, substantial ducting weight savings can be achieved.

Preventing the spread of fire

During the design of your ventilation system we consider structural elements and particularly ducting and its routing through bulkheads and decks. Any penetration of bulkheads and decks are potential conduits for fire and that’s why the right design and certified fire dampers are crucial. Our ventilation systems are equipped with high-quality fire and smoke dampers to prevent smoke and fire from spreading through the HVAC system. Another fire safety measure is integrating UV grease filtration technology in our galley ventilation systems to prevent grease from sticking to the ductwork or fans, which helps eliminate a serious fire risk.

Cargo hold ventilation

Bulk cargo carriers should be adequately ventilated to remove dangerous gases and to prevent the formation of cargo sweat (condensation) to avoid overheating. We have extensive experience in designing purpose-built cargo hold ventilation systems. By taking into account the requirements of the cargo, the temperature and humidity within the hold, outside the hold and the presence or absence of sea spray, we design ventilation systems that best fit our customers’ needs.


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