Motor Yachts

Motor yacht ventilation

In order to prevent health issues and humidity related problems, a well-balanced motor yacht ventilation system is of great importance. Both the extraction of moist and the refreshing of musty air by replacing it with filtered conditioned air, will keep each space a healthy environment to be in. Our mechanical ventilation technology benefits the air quality onboard by providing fresh air and regulating humidity levels. A controlled extraction system also keeps odors from spreading from the galley to other spaces in the yacht.

Ventilation for peak performance

In many motor yachts, there is enough air for engines to burn their fuel, but not enough to cool the engine room too. Engines end up with less power, because warm air doesn't hold as much oxygen and consequently need to burn more fuel to achieve the required performance. With adequate engine room ventilation, engines can operate at peak performance, requiring less fuel and thus saving money on fuel costs.

The benefits of engine room cooling

Besides extraction of the combustion air, we can also supply an engine room cooling system. Engine room ventilation takes up a lot of space from the accommodation, but with engine room coolers the required air volume and duct dimensions is reduced by 60 – 70 %. Our engine room cooling technology significantly reduces sound levels inside the engine room as well as outdoors. Because salty and dirty air is prevented from entering the engine room, it stays cleaner and, therefore, less maintenance is required.

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