Motor Yachts

Motor yacht heating

Enjoy the winter season on your motor yacht with comfortable Heinen & Hopman heating technology. It’s a necessity for adventurous yacht owners, who like to explore remoter and colder areas. What better way to end the day in a nice and warm saloon for a lovely dinner together with friends and family?

Keep your interior in great shape

A reliable central heating system is vital for the quality of your interior too. Temperature, but even more so humidity, has a great impact on the quality of natural materials such as woods and leather. A dry environment may cause natural materials to crack, resulting in high damage. We make sure your interior stays in perfect condition through constantly maintaining the right temperature and humidity level.

Save on fuel costs

Operating a mega yacht requires huge amounts of fuel. A staggering 40 – 60% of the total energy consumption is used for operating the HVAC system and therefore the HVAC system is one of the main targets for efficiency improvements. Several techniques can be applied in order to maximize the HVAC system’s energy efficiency, without having to make concessions regarding the onboard climate. We use high-efficiency fans, we build high-efficiency chillers, we implement heat recovery systems and we use advanced HVAC control technology to achieve maximum efficiency of the HVAC system.

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