Expedition Yachts

Expedition yacht heating

High-quality heating is indispensable for adventurous expedition yacht owners when exploring arctic waters or other extremely cold climates. After a day of polar exhibitions, nothing makes you feel more at home than a get-together in a warm saloon. Our redundantly executed heating technology is exceptionally reliable and up to the task of heating your expedition yacht in extreme climates.

Keep interiors in perfect condition

Besides the passengers’ comfort level, the interior is highly dependent on a state-of-the-art heating system as well. Temperature, but even more so humidity, has a great impact on the quality of natural materials such as woods and leather. We make sure your interior stays in perfect conditions through constantly maintaining the right temperature and humidity level.

Green cruising

HVAC is one of the main energy consumers onboard, but our sophisticated heating systems allow for significant energy savings and reduced emissions. Using technologies like heat recovery and absorption cooling, we recycle the energy from diesel engines’ cooling water and exhaust air. State-of-the-art HVAC control solutions allow for energy-efficient operation.

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