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HVAC&R | Bravenes

Bravenes is the first E169 subsea rock installation vessel in the world. Built at Zhejiang shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in China for Netherlands-based Van Oord, the 154.4 meter vessel features Ulstein's advanced X-BOW® design and is capable of dumping 60 kg to 300 kg of rock, with a dumping capacity of 1,000 m. Bravenes meets the requirements for Clean Design Notation, Green Passport and Ice Class 1A – PC7. The vessel and its equipment are designed for year-round operability in harsh weather and high-sea states.

Subsea Rock Installation

Van Oord is a pioneer in developing flexible fall pipe vessels and has been the subsea rock installation market leader in the North Sea region for almost 30 years. The fall pipe vessel is able to accurately install rocks in 1,000 meter water depth in order to protect underwater structures or level the bed. Bravenes is the fourth fall pipe vessel in Van Oord’s fleet, following Stornes, Nordnes and Tertnes.

HVAC and provision cooling

Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment (Shanghai) has been awarded the contract for the design, delivery and commissioning of the complete HVAC and provision cooling system for this vessel. The HVAC system shall be designed with below features:

  • Since the vessel shall comply with 4-island concept and DP-3, the chillers are divided into two groups. One group is served for starboard and the other one for portside, each group is 2x100% configuration, every chiller is equipped with independent power source and separation, the AHU/FCU is configured with 2x50% for air flow, 2x70% for cooling capacity for DP rooms;
  • The innovative Air Handling Unit (patent pending) is used to save energy as much as possible. 50% return air exchange enthalpy with fresh air and then mix with the other around 50% return air;
  • Dual duct system is applied to accommodation space to ensure the indoor temperature of individual space;
  • Silencers, low speed duct system and vibration damper are used to meet Comf Noise 1, Comf Vib 1;
  • VFD control for galley HVAC system to increase its comfort;
  • Spin filter system installed to ensure the indoor air clean;
  • Jet fan system to make sure no air lock in compact and complicated space in engine room.

Design conditions

The HVAC system was engineered based on the following design conditions:


Outside: 35 - 45˚C / 50 - 90% R.H.
Inside: 25˚C / 50% R.H.


Outside: -20˚C
Inside: 20˚C

More information

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