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HVAC Conversion | DCV Balder

The 154-metre deepwater construction vessel Balder is used worldwide for the installation of foundations, anchorage systems, SPARs, TLPs  and integrated topsides, pipelines and flowlines. This unique vessel with two cranes (tandem lift) dates from 1978 and was originally built as a semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV).

From SSCV to DCV

In 2001 the vessel was converted into a deep-water construction vessel (DCV), and equipped with a Class III dynamic positioning system. The conversion enabled activities to be performed on board in all weather conditions, and ensured the vessel did not have to rely on anchors to stay in position. Activities which were previously impossible when the vessel could not anchor due, for example, to obstacles on the sea bed or excessive depths, now came within reach.

HVAC supplier for Balder

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC), maritime contractor and owner of Balder, first contacted Heinen & Hopman during the conversion and it has been a major and reliable partner in the field of HVAC systems ever since. Throughout the years, Heinen & Hopman realised various changes to existing systems and/or supplied new HVAC systems for both Balder and other HMC assets.

Balder’s work sphere

Balder can be used worldwide, and will be active in the Mexican Gulf, the North Sea and in West Africa in the coming years. This means that it will face varying climates and weather influences, and requires an HVAC system that is dimensioned to a wide range of conditions.

Up-to-date and safe HVAC systems

To maintain its competitive position in the market, HMC has made considerable investments in maintenance and safety improvements on Balder over the past five years. "For instance, together with Heinen & Hopman we have developed a system which ensures that the fire valves can be closed centrally with a single push of a button,” says Tom Piscaer, Technical Superintendent on Balder.

Maintenance activities on a fully manned vessel

During the maintenance period, Heinen & Hopman employees were on board continuously, including during the crossing from the USA to the Netherlands. Piscaer: "We prefer not to be tied up for maintenance, aiming for a planning that has the least possible impact as possible on our daily activities. This is why Balder was equipped with a temporary AC system to cool the accommodations during the modification of the main AC system by Heinen & Hopman. As a result, major activities could be performed while the full crew remained onboard.

Optimal cooperation: on and offshore

Despite the many projects that took place on board during the maintenance activities, the cooperation and communication between HMC and Heinen & Hopman went very smoothly, Piscaer confirms: "We worked well with both the installers on board and the planners on shore."

About Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema Marine Contractors is a leading maritime contractor in the international offshore oil and gas industry. It transports, installs and disassembles all types of offshore installations.

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