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Oleg Strashnov is a state-of-the-art crane vessel built for Seaway Heavy Lifting. A unique feature of this vessel is the innovative hull shape – for which a patent is pending – which enables her to achieve a transit speed of 14 knots. Together with exceptional working characteristics for a monohull design, this system results in extraordinary efficiency. Lift heights of 100 m for the 5,000 mt main hook and 132 m for the 800 mt auxiliary hook enable the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects, from dual hook upending of large jackets to heavy deck installations. The installed DP3 system also enables the vessel to be deployed in the installation of large and heavy subsea structures, TLP/Spar foundations and topsides.


Key features

  • 5000 mt fully revolving crane
  • High sailing speed
  • DP3
  • Exceptional working characteristics

Quality, functionality and comfort

Being a well-known and experienced offshore HVAC supplier, Heinen & Hopman was selected to take part in the FEED and basic design in partnership with the design company and shipowner. The purpose of the project was to achieve the highest focus on quality, functionality and comfort.

Scope of work

Heinen & Hopman participated in the FEED and EPC of the HVAC systems for the entire vessel, including the crane. For the accommodation we installed a high-pressure single-duct air-conditioning systems with reheating capabilities. For the technical spaces we installed a mechanical ventilation system and local cooling systems. In the crane cooling systems and mechanical ventilation systems for all technical spaces were needed.


  • Up to 400 persons
  • Seven AHUs
  • Nine local cooling and heating systems
  • Total air volume approx.110,000 m³/h
  • Cooling plant consisting of three customised chillers
  • Total installed cooling capacity approx. 3500 kW


  • 13x local cooling systems
  • 80x mechanical ventilation systems
  • Total air volume approx. 110.000 m3/hr
  • Cooling plant consisting of 3 customised chillers
  • Total installed cooling capacity approx. 3500kW


  • 5000 mt crane
  • Custom-built air cooled cooling systems 


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H&H Headquarters
Name Vessel
Oleg Strashnov
Seaway Heavy Lifting
Delivery year
Country of Delivery
The Netherlands
Vessel type
Crane Vessel
183.0 m
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Oleg Stashnov - Heavy Lift Vessel

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