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Heinen & Hopman has developed a great expertise in HVAC for the Oil and Gas industry. We supply heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and Oil and Gas industry-specific products, like the H2S filtration system and the Temporary Refuge unit. We take a holistic approach regarding HVAC design and are involved in the complete process; from engineering and design, to installation and commissioning.

Experience in Oil & Gas

Our HVAC engineers have risen to the challenge on many Oil & Gas vessels, including Jackups, drilling vessels, FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading), semi-submersible rigs, production platforms, and heavy lift vessels. 

HVAC service contracts

Heinen & Hopman offers fully customizable service contracts as well. These may vary from 24/7 service only to more elaborated contracts which also include spare parts inventory management and regular preventive check-ups.

Safe and the highest quality

Heinen & Hopman produces a wide range of solutions for offshore facilities that are able to withstand rough offshore environments and are suitable for hazardous environments.

  • Air handling units, made of stainless steel and manufactured according to Eurovent standards.
  • Cooling plants, available in both water and air-cooled versions.
  • B15 certified cabin units.
  • Fire dampers, available in both galvanized and stainless steel.
  • Fans, available in different axial and centrifugal types.
  • Overpressure control dampers, suitable for all types of overpressure management.
  • Explosion proof equipment, ATEX certified.
  • H2S filters, highly suitable for the protection of electronic equipment.
  • Separators, coalescor for the separation of water moisture in the air which is taken from the outside.

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Our working method

Each project is a unique combination of improvisation and routine. There is only one thing that all the projects have in common: the main processing, all the way from initial inquiry to after-sales care:

Working method


Our HVAC solutions are durable and reliable, even in the most extreme offshore climates.

Eric Stoffelsen

Eric Stoffelsen

Eric Stoffelsen

- Sales Manager

Eric Stoffelsen

Eric Stoffelsen

- Sales Manager

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