Vyborg Freezer Trawlers
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HVAC | Freezer Trawler (4 pcs.)

Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet – the oldest fleet in the North of Russia – operates 21 fishing vessels and is a reliable supplier of cod, haddock, herring, blue whiting and mackerel for many European companies. To expand its fleet and to increase its capability to meet market demand, Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet has ordered four new 86 m. freezer trawlers at Vyborg Shipyard.

Upgraded design

The original design for the vessels has been updated to Ice3 Class with an option of hull strengthening to Arc4 Class that will enable the trawler to extend the effective fishery period. A canning plant and an automated plant will be installed for processing and production of fillets, fish meal plant, equipment for fish oil production. The vessel will be equipped with powerful deck cranes, a trawl complex of the latest generation and automatic palletizing system in the hold, minimizing the time for unloading the catches.

Providing comfortable working conditions and accommodation for the crew

To assure a comfortable indoor climate for the crew and assure an optimal climate in technical spaces, the vessel will be equipped with high-quality Heinen & Hopman HVAC technology. Energy-saving HVAC solutions will be implemented to increase the energy-efficiency of the ships.

Design conditions

The following design conditions were requested:

Outside-Inside Summer

Outside: +30˚C/70%Rh
Inside: +22˚C/50%Rh

Outside-Inside Winter

Outside: -15˚C
Inside: +22˚C/50%Rh

Assuring the quality of the catch

To keep the catch fresh all the way from the fishing ground to the consumer, Teknotherm will deliver the complete cargo refrigeration plant with a freezing capacity of 120 ton/24 hours. 

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H&H Russia
Vyborg Shipyard
Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet
Delivery year
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Russian Federation
Vessel type
Freezer Trawler
86.0 m
Skipsteknisk ST-118
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