Live Fish Carrier Rostein
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HVAC&R | Live Fish Carrier Rostein AS

Teknotherm was awarded the contract to supply the HVAC and refrigeration for two live fish carriers for one of the world’s leading live fish carrier ship owners, Rostein AS. The vessels will be equipped with batteries, becoming the first battery hybrid live fish carriers ever. The vessels are designed by Skipskompetanse and will be lengthened versions of their sister ships Ro West, Ro North, Ro Fortune, and Ro Server.

Larsnes Mekaniske Verksted Shipyard

The live fish carriers will be built at Larsnes Mekaniske Verksted. Since the shipyard was established in March 1981, it became one of Norway’s leading builders of fishing vessels and well boats. Based in Larsnes in the Sunnmøre region, the shipyard is strategically located in the maritime cluster with the shipping lanes and ocean as their nearest neighbors.

HVAC and refrigeration by Teknotherm

Teknotherm will supply the complete package of refrigeration and HVAC systems for the live fish carriers, including a RSW refrigeration plant of 2 x 3500 kW, a provision refrigeration plant and the complete HVAC system.

The HVAC system uses energy recovery by return air. This means that part of the exhaust air from the accommodation is returned to the air handling unit through the un-insulated spiro duct system where it is mixed with fresh air from outside. A combined return and exhaust air fan is used to take the air back to the accommodation room and manual dampers are used to regulate the return air ratio.

Design conditions

The following design conditions were considered for the HVAC system:

Summer conditions

Outside: 28°C/50% R.H.
Inside: 25°C

Winter conditions

Outside: -20°C /90% R.H.
Inside: 22°C/30% R.H.


DNVGL +1A1, DPS(1), E0

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Larsnes Mekaniske Verksted
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Rostein AS
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Live Fish Carrier
84 M
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