TT-Line RoPax Ship
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HVAC&R | TT-Line RoPax Ship

We are proud to announce that Heinen & Hopman was awarded the contract to supply the HVAC and refrigeration for a 230M RoPax ferry, to be built for TT-Line. TT-Line possesses six ferries operating in the Baltic Sea. Expecting a growing demand for short sea transport in the Baltic Sea, TT-Line decided to invest in its fleet to meet their customers’ needs by offering a modern and comfortable journey. TT-Line’s newest ferry will be powered by LNG  but will be able to run on diesel as well. The ferry has 50% less emissions compared to the previous generation of vessels.

CSC Jinling Shipyard

The ferry will be built at Jinling Shipyard, located in Jiangsu, China. Being one of the world’s 40 largest shipyards, the yard builds a wide range of vessels, including RoRo vessels,  RoPax vessels, PCTC,tankers, carriers and floating docks. Heinen & Hopman China has a long-lasting relationship with the yard, dating back to 2001.

HVAC by Heinen & Hopman

The ferry will be built to a high comfort standard with comfort notation C1 CV2. To ensure the most comfortable indoor climate Heinen & Hopman will provide the engineering, production and commissioning of the HVAC and refrigeration.

Energy-efficiency was another important consideration in this project. To ensure an energy-efficient HVAC system, all air handling units, compressors, fans and HVAC pumps are provided with variable-frequency drive (VFD) controllers. Additionally, VAV cabin units are used for all accommodations, LNG cold recovery and Alaska free cooling are used

Heinen & Hopman Headquarters, Heinen & Hopman China and Drews Marine will work closely together on this project. Heinen & Hopman China has the lead with technical support from Heinen & Hopman Headquarters. Drews Marine will be taking care of communications with the owner and the after sales. An internal communicator will lead to streamline this process.

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