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The Turkish shipbuilding industry has a tradition spanning eight centuries. At the time of the Ottoman Empire, the shipyards were already able to build large, powerful naval vessels, and yards continued their modernisation following the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. Shipbuilding in Turkey has evolved from an old traditional activity to an internationally recognised industry, especially since the early 1990s. The industry has modern, quality certified shipyards that can build ships, yachts, mega-yachts, and sailing boats, as well as carrying out extensive repair and conversion works. Turkey’s shipyards are mainly located in the Marmara Region, namely Tuzla, Yalova, and İzmit, which have developed into dynamic shipbuilding centres. While Turkish yards have traditionally specialised in yachts and smaller commercial vessels, in recent years they have significantly increased their capabilities and competitiveness in the construction of larger ships.

Yacht building in Turkey

In addition the yards can produce other niche market vessels, such as fishing boats, research vessels, tugs, mega yachts, supply vessels and offshore boats and the Turkish yacht building industry is also quite highly regarded in the production of mega yachts. Turkish shipyards have recognized the significant potential market for yachts built to a high standard, and a number of those yards have reorganized their facilities in order to tap into this potentially very lucrative export market. Like naval construction, this niche activity will also have wider ramifications for the broader shipbuilding sector, especially with the continuing blurring of construction techniques and materials used for very large yachts and smaller passenger vehicles (such as fast ferries).




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