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    Store locator - Netherlands

    Maritime industry | The Netherlands

    The history of Holland is mainly a history of water: A flourishing shipbuilding industry already in the 16th century and one of the major overseas trading companies in the Golden Age. By the 17th century, ships were built on a very large scale in the Netherlands for the Dutch fleet as well as international fleets and half of all Europe’s trade was transported by ships from the Netherlands.

    Today, the Dutch maritime industry still plays an important role in the Dutch economy. The industry has been producing leading solutions for customers worldwide by means of innovative technologies and entrepreneurship. With an expertise in custom-built solutions, based on craftsmanship and experience, the Dutch maritime industry supplies a lot of specialized vessels such as offshore wind service vessels, superyachts and highly sustainable ships.

    Dutch superyachts

    Thanks to their globally recognised lead in quality and innovation, the Dutch superyacht cluster has gained an exceptionally strong position in the global yacht building market. Unrivalled quality and sustainable technology excellence are the reasons why Dutch yachts are highly valued everywhere in the world. A hybrid superyacht and a solar energy powered yacht belong to the Dutch superyacht industry’s portfolio.

    Shipyards in the Netherlands that belong to our customers:

    • Damen Group
    • Heesen Yachts
    • Royal IHC
    • Moonen Shipyards
    • Feadship
    • Keppel Verolme
    • Hakvoort Shipyards
    • Royal Huisman
    • Amels
    • Balk Shipyards
    • Barkmeijer Shipyards
    • Holland Jachtbouw
    • Holland Shipyards
    • Icon Yachts
    • Intec Marine Shipyards
    • Mulder shipyards
    • Oceanco
    • Shipyard De Hoop
    • Vitters Shipyard





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