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    Store locator - Italy

    Maritime Industry | Italy

    Traditionally, Italy’s location and coastal development have continued to ensure the country a flow of income from its role as a strategic European hub. The country boasts of having the largest ferry fleet, the twelfth most extensive merchant shipping fleet in the world (fourth in Europe), a growing cruise industry and the third biggest European fishing fleet, with the national maritime cluster generating 3% of GDP.

    Italy is an ancient country rich in coastlines with a maritime history dating back to the Roman era. The country's reputation for craftsmanship and detail is what sets Italian shipbuilders apart and has resulted in the build of many world-class vessels: from naval vessels to offshore units, from special ships and highly complex ferries and cruise ships to the largest superyachts.

    Italian Yachts

    World-famous companies, like Benetti and Baglietto, already started building yachts in the late 1800s. Italy's yacht builders are known for unparalleled quality and authentic style. By continuously delivering cutting-edge innovations, the Italian yacht building industry has set many records over the years. Some of the largest yachts in the world were built by Italian shipyards, such as Ocean Victory (Fincantieri), Serene (Fincantieri) and Lionheart (Benetti). 

    Italian shipbuilders that belong to our clientele:

    • Benetti
    • San Lorenzo
    • Baglietto
    • Intermarine
    • ISA Yachts
    • CBI Navi
    • Perini Navi
    • Fincantieri 
    • CRN Yacht






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