24/7 Service Contracts

Rely on our service team in case of an HVAC emergency24/7 Service Contracts

In case you want to rely on 24/7 service in the event of any HVAC emergency, we advise you to conclude a 24/7 service contract. Guaranteed 24/7 phone availability is included in every service contract. Furthermore, clients with a service contract get access to our Service Portal and mobile application, where all service tickets are registered and clients can get a spare parts quote easily.

Which contract suits your needs?

When an HVAC malfunction occurs, you probably want it fixed as quickly as possible. This is why we have introduced 24/7 service contracts. Our 24/7 service contracts come in three different levels of service. However, each contract guarantees 24/7 availability: our emergency service desk will be available to call round the clock regarding HVAC related issues. We have defined three different service levels:

Total Control

  • Support response within 12 hours
  • 60 remote support hours
  • Engineer available for travel within 72 hours


  • Support response within 24 hours
  • 40 remote support hours 
  • Engineer available for travel within 72 hours


  • Support response within 72 hours
  • 10 remote support hours
  • Engineer available for travel on best effort

Per service level, Heinen & Hopman has a dedicated emergency support phone number available as well as a web portal including mobile app in case of any HVAC emergency. At first the call will be registered, so the correct follow-up can be arranged. Depending on the problem, a certified Heinen & Hopman engineer will be in touch to help you out. The service levels mainly differ from one another in the support response time and amount of remote support hours. The three service levels can be seen below in one overview and are defined in the following headings.

table service levels.png

Service Contract
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