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R22 - Propane Chiller

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On 20 May 2014, the European Union published the new F-gas Regulation in its official bulletin. As of 1 January 2015, this new F-gas Regulation will apply to all synthetic refrigerants, which come under the heading “halogenated hydrocarbons” (HFCs), as these have high global warming potential. These refrigerants can be found in a lot of air-conditioning equipment and cooling systems. R22 is one of the ozone depleting HFCs that may not be applied anymore in new systems as of 2004, according to agreements in the Kyoto protocol. Starting this year, refrigeration operations like refilling with HFCs aren’t allowed anymore either. As long as the systems work, there is nothing to worry about. In case of defects, the consequences depend on the type of refrigerant, which is shown on the equipment’s identification label or service receipts.


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