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JSS Karel Doorman

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The JSS “Karel Doorman” has been designed by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding for the Royal Netherlands Navy to operate both in the lower and higher levels of the force spectrum. It is approximately 205 mtr long and 30 mtr wide. The main mission of the JSS will be strategic transport, Replenishment at Sea of other ships and sea basing. The vessel accommodates 175 crew and up to 125 non-listed persons, such as helicopter crew and medical teams. For the support of operations a fully equipped role 3 hospital is installed. The JSS has 2000 lane meters for transport of materiel, a helicopter deck with landing spots for operating two Chinooks, and a hangar with a storage capacity of up to 6 helicopters.

The JSS has the facilities for loading and unloading operations of materiel and goods in harbours, near the shore or at open sea, two Replenishment At Sea masts, a deck crane, a roll on/roll off facility for vehicles and a steel beach stern construction for accommodating cargo transfer via landing craft. In order to reduce the vulnerability, the vessel will be outfitted with signature reduction measures, ballistic protection, blast resistant constructions, redundant and shock resistant systems, a gas citadel, and extensive fire fighting systems.


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