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    Provided byHeinen & Hopman
    Our mission is to ensure you the perfect climate indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

    HVAC&R | Damen SeaXplorer

    We’re proud to announce Heinen & Hopman will supply the HVAC and Refrigeration for the first DAMEN SeaXplorer, scheduled for delivery in 2019. The 65-metre expedition yacht is a crossover between professional technology and superyacht exclusivity.

    Developed through a unique partnership

    The SeaXplorer range was developed through a partnership of DAMEN, AMELS, EYOS Expeditions and AZURE Yacht Design and Naval Architecture. The expedition yacht offers 40 days of autonomy without port call and is the world’s first private expedition yacht to comply with the stringent new environmental and safety standards in the IMO Polar Code's B category.

    Explore the  unexplored

    90% of luxury superyachts never venture any farther than the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas and all their islands. The SeaXplorer is especially designed to explore the earth’s true unspoiled destinations while enjoying the highest level of comfort, style and independence. Destinations like Papua New Guinea, Antarctica, Micronesia, Russian Far East, Polynesia and Greenland all belong to the possibilities.


    Heinen & Hopman HVAC and Refrigeration

    Heinen & Hopman cooperated on the project in a very early stage, providing the base engineering before the vessel was even ordered. Heinen & Hopman will supply the complete HVAC and refrigeration. This includes air conditioning, chilled water unit (with Turbocor compressors), mechanical ventilation, engine room coolers, ventilation openings, heating (mainly by heat recovery instead of electrical), freezer and cold stores, control equipment and ECO notation required equipment.

    Design conditions

    The following design conditions were requested:

    Outside-Inside Summer

    Outside: 35˚C/75%RH and/or 45˚C/37%RH
    Inside: 21˚C/50%RH

    Outside-Inside Winter

    Outside: -10˚C
    Inside: 22˚C/35%RH

    More information

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about our HVAC solutions.

    Contact us

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    Heinen & Hopman HQ
    Damen Shipyards
    IMO No.
    Name Vessel
    Delivery year
    Vessel type
    Expedition Yacht
    65.0 m

    Heinen & Hopman cooperated on the project in a very early stage, providing the base engineering before the vessel was even ordered.

    Peter Bos

    Peter Bos

    - Manager Sales & Estimation

    Peter Bos

    Peter Bos

    - Manager Sales & Estimation

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