"To love what you do and to feel that it matters"

I have been working at Heinen & Hopman since the year 2001 at the headquarters in Bunschoten, The Netherlands. I’ve dreamed of becoming an inventor since I was a kid. I started my career at Heinen & Hopman as a draughtsman and, over the years, worked my way up to the top of the R&D division. During these years, Heinen & Hopman gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream. The company supported me in setting my goals, studying and growing, and guided me in my career. The care Heinen & Hopman invests in its personnel is reflected in the projects we deliver. At the same time, we see the fruits of our labour every day in the form of great technological advances and challenging projects. It is a privilege to work for Heinen & Hopman and something I am grateful for every working day.

Jeroen Fijan

Jeroen Fijan
- R&D engineer

"A great start of my career"

I have been working at Heinen & Hopman in Bunschoten since 1991. Having completed my Associates Degree I started working at Heinen & Hopman Engineering in the Service department; cleaning and repairing central heating boilers for onshore customers. This enjoyable and varied work brought me into close contact with clients, who were unhappy about their broken boilers when we arrived, but happy that they were working once again by the time we left.

Hendrik van de Mheen
- Commissioning Engineer

"An informal and nice work environment"

I started here in Bunschoten as an intern in 1992. In 1993, I worked there during the holidays, and was able to stay on as an administrative employee. In addition to administration, I have also been involved in multiple implementations of new company software within various project groups. This has made my work very diverse, and supported the continuous development of my colleagues and myself. I like the informal work environment and direct way of approaching one another. This atmosphere keeps all employees closely involved in the company, and motivates us to do our level best to stimulate the growth and continuity of Heinen & Hopman.

Willem Nieuwboer

Willem Nieuwboer
- Financial Controller

"I'm involved in some very challenging projects"

I started working for Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV in the Netherlands in 2008, on a one-year posting as a Project Engineer. I am originally from Portugal and have experience working for international companies, having lived in Switzerland for several years. Not speaking the Dutch language was my biggest concern but Heinen & Hopman is an international company and I had no problems adapting and communicating with colleagues and clients. The experience must have been positive for both parties as I became a full member of the team at the end of my initial one-year posting. Although being a woman and a foreigner has not always been easy, this was balanced by my colleagues in the Offshore department, where I spent the next few years. I have recently been fortunate enough to gain a wider view of the company and its projects. I feel a great sense of achievement working for Heinen & Hopman.


Cristiana Deus
- Project Engineer

"I'm proud to be part of a professional team"

I started working at Heinen & Hopman in Romania in 2008 after finishing my technical studies. In the meantime, I have gained valuable experience on all of the interesting projects to which I have been assigned. I have the utmost respect for the company’s drive to continuously develop new technologies and improve working process and employee skills. I am proud to be part of a professional team in a company with a worldwide reputation like Heinen & Hopman.

Daniel Manolache

Daniel Manolache
- Project Manager

"Every day provides an opportunity to learn"

I am proud to work for Heinen & Hopman in Romania, because it gives me the chance to become part of a professional and dynamic team. Although working in this field and always having deadlines to meet can be stressful, every day provides an opportunity to learn new and interesting things. It is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued.

Lucian Baba

Lucian Babe
- Purchasing & Logistics Assistant

"It's all about team work"

I have been part of the Heinen & Hopman Romania team since the company began, in 2002, and I must say it has been a rewarding experience from all points of view. I’ve had the chance to work with professional and disciplined staff, during which I have improved my skills and learned that working as a team and always seeking the optimum solution is how Heinen & Hopman has built its reputation.

Ciprian Bacalu

Ciprian Bacalu
- Production Department (Tinsmith)

"It's always a challenging job to work at H&H"

After my graduation at a university of technology in 1996, I started working at Heinen & Hopman in Bunschoten as a draughtsman. I initially worked at the technical office of a Dutch shipyard as a specialist in building Ro/Ro passenger vessels on behalf of Heinen & Hopman. I then returned to the head quarters in Spakenburg to join the export department of the yachting division. This involved me in establishing relations with several new customers in and outside the Netherlands. As Heinen & Hopman provides its employees with opportunities to follow various courses, I have developed my skills in parallel with the growth of the company. I’m currently working as project manager in the yachting department, serving several well-known yachtbuilders. Due to the continuously evolving demands from the market and ongoing technological developments, it is always a challenging job to work at Heinen & Hopman.

Wilfred Beukers
- Project manager

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