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CASP supplies Wall Mounted Packaged Cooling Units

CASP supplies WPUs to VTTI FTL

Carea Air Conditioning Services LLC (CASP) along with Heinen & Hopman HQ completed its latest projects for VTTI Fujairah Terminals Ltd. (VTTI FTL) in the UAE.


VTTI was founded in 2006 by the Vitol Group and offers 8.7 million m3 of combined storage capacity across 5 continents. The VTTI FTL terminal in Fujairah offers customers nearly 1.2 million m3 of storage capacity. The facility also operates Fujairah Refining Limited (FRL), which is geared to process a combination of condensate and heavy crude oil.

Project description

VTTI FTL along with Flexnet Project Management Netherlands and Heinen & Hopman HQ  designed five container modules for electrical operations. For safe operation of the electrical equipment, CASP UAE supplied Wall Mounted Packaged Cooling Units for use in two switchboard containers and one control room container.


Wall Mounted Packaged Cooling Units

CASP manufactured first of its Wall Mounted Packaged Cooling Units (WPUs) having capacities rated for 55 ˚C ambient conditions. Component features:

  • Hermetically sealed scroll compressors.
  • Protected against excessive current and temperature.
  • Especially selected for use in the Gulf region (extremely high temperatures).
  • Condenser coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins for optimal heat transfer.
  • Specially designed Wall Mounted Unit for easy handling and low installation costs.
  • Zinc coated or galvanized steel casing.
  • With access panels for easy service and maintenance.
  • IP 54 condenser fan motor.
  • Direct drive evaporator fan motor.
  • Environmentally friendly  refrigerant.
  • Special marine coating for increased corrosion resistance.
  • Including manual reset type high pressure switch to protect the compressor against high pressure/current in case of any abnormal conditions.
  • Including auto reset type low pressure switch to protect the compressor against low pressure in case of leak/loss of refrigerant.
  • Additional shut-off valve in the liquid line to give easy access during service and/or maintenance.

Would you like to get more information about the Wall Mounted Packaged Cooling Units? Don't hesitate to get in touch!
Contact CASP

These WPUs are resistant to temperatures as high as +55 ˚C.

Michel Veltman

Michel Veltman

Michel Veltman

- Sales Manager

Michel Veltman

Michel Veltman

- Sales Manager

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