E-LASS Membership

E-LASS Membership - Researching the Potential of Composite in the Maritime Industry

Heinen & Hopman has become a member of E-LASS, the European Network for Lightweight Applications at Sea. This European network aims to promote the use of lightweight material and lightweight design in the maritime industry by facilitating activities in support of necessary development of lightweight design.

About E-LASS

E-LASS is a network of industries, academics and authorities interested in the use of composites at sea, initiated in 2013. The organization has about 220 members from 160 organizations in 24 countries. One main purpose of the E-LASS network is to bring together different stakeholders from industry, research and academia in the European maritime community in order to discuss lightweight topics of common interest, exchange information and foster cooperation in this field. The aim is to create an organization where exchange of information and knowledge becomes easy and natural.1 

The importance of lightweight design

Lightweight design is very important in the maritime and offshore sector. Lighter vessels use less fuel and a semi-submersible offshore platform can only fully attain an optimized weight distribution through proper lightweight design.

First steps in the composite journey

With the support of the E-LASS network, Heinen & Hopman’s R&D is currently researching the possibility of manufacturing Heinen & Hopman products made from composite. 

Composite weather louvre grid


1: E-LASS website

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