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HVAC Fan Room Solution

HVAC Fan Room Solution

As time is always of the essence in the offshore industry and vessel owners make it a priority to keep the necessary yard visits as short as possible, suppliers must ensure their products do not add to vessel owners’ time constraints.

To help save time spent on tasks, Heinen & Hopman has developed a containerised fan room that can be completely pre-fabricated and tested before delivery to the vessel. Due to the design, installation time onboard can be shortened tremendously.

A modified cargo or offshore certified container is used as the base for the fan room. The container size may vary from 10ft up to 40ft in high cube execution. The choice depends on the space needed to fit all required equipment and is influenced by the available space on-board. 

For the engineering and design of the containerised fan room, a specialised team of HVAC engineers with lots of experience in the oil & gas industry is deployed. In close co-operation with the customer a 100% customised design can be created to suit all necessary requirements.

The design process also allows for the opportunity for engineers to visit the vessel for an on- board survey. The ultimate goal is to produce a design that is completely ‘plug & play’. Following onboard installation, the fan room just needs to be hooked up to the duct systems and electrical power system.

The design of the containerised fan room includes air handling units with conditioned airflows up to 40000m3/hr. Cooling capacities are available up to 800kW and are available in chilled water or direct expansion execution. Heating is normally executed with electrical heaters. Energy saving applications such as heat pump and heat recovery wheels can easily be integrated into the original design.

The first pre-fabricated 40ft high cube fan room has already been delivered to Paragon Offshore and installed on the B391 jack-up drilling rig. This containerised fan room was placed on top of the accommodation and replaced the old fan rooms inside and was executed with two air handling units, two air-cooled chiller units and one dual pump skid. All ducting, chilled water piping, cables and control for a complete working system are integrated in the container.

Features include heat recovery wheels, 100% redundant cooling capacity and dual supply fans. The container for this project was customised to fit onboard restrictions and executed with a weather-tight door and service access hatch in the side of the container.

Key points

  • 100% customised design
  • Completely ‘plug & play’
  • Completely pre-fabricated and tested before delivery
  • Conditioned airflows up to 4000m3/hr
  • Cooling capacities up to 800 kW – available in chilled water or direct expansion execution
  • Placed on top of the accommodation
  • Container replaced the old fan rooms inside
  • Integrated ducting, chilled water piping, cables and control

This project has become a success in close cooperation with the Offshore Accommodation Contractors Group (O.A.C. Group). The O.A.C. Group offers the benefits of its unique single point of contact, this combined strength offers services for repair, refurbishment and / or new building of fixed or temporary accommodations modules, also known as temporary living quarters (TLQ) for marine and offshore units and / or platforms – a one stop shop for complete accommodation wishes on board drilling rigs, production platforms, hotel platforms or barges.

The O.A.C. Group has a vast array of knowledge on spare parts for the materials and equipment used in the accommodation on board rigs, platforms, or modules. Both the maritime and offshore industry increasingly demands turnkey project performance, preferably offshore, without downtime and within tight, set budgets. To meet these demands, the O.A.C. Group was founded in 1994.




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