Heinen & Hopman in European Oil and Gas

Heinen & Hopman in European Oil and Gas Magazine

Heinen & Hopman has been published in issue 106 of European Oil & Gas, a magazine all about the offshore, In the article about Heinen & Hopman you can read in what way Heinen & Hopman is operating in the offshore sector.

The offshore environment is harsh and unforgiving. It is essential that the work and off -duty environment of your skilled, highly-paid crew is as comfortable as possible. Heating, ventilation and other air-handling equipment needs to be as tough, efficient and safe as the structures themselves. Heinen & Hopman is renowned in the offshore industry for its project-based approach and dedication to premium quality. We think along in the processes specific to the demanding off shore segment to create specific, tailor-made solutions for your every need – super strong, super reliable and made to last.

Heinen & Hopman guarantees 25 to 40 years of continuous operation for its equipment as long as it is maintained according to specifications:

• Calibration, set point, ordering and documentation
• Interfacings with general management systems such as fi re, gas panels;
• Health, safety procedures, applications control toolbox meetings;
• System responsibility for HVAC installations.


• Heating systems
• Ventilation Systems
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Refrigeration Systems

• Air Conditioning Energy
• Savings Systems
• Heat Recovery systems

• Explosion proof HVAC+R
• Shock proof HVAC+R
• Arctic HVAC+R

• Air filtering systems
• Process ventilation systems
• Provision Cooling Plants
• Custom design & production

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