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Heinen & Hopman Rus, LLC
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Heinen & Hopman Rus, LLC

The Russian branch of Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV in the Netherlands was founded in 2012.

For a long period, maritime construction in Russia focused heavily on military vessels. Civil shipbuilding had been neglected since Soviet times, causing terminal commercial decline. In the first decade of the 21st century, however, shipbuilding in Russia expanded thanks to government investment in the construction of new icebreakers, arctic tankers, drilling platforms and supply vessels for military and civil needs. This gave Russian shipyards a great opportunity to grow and develop.


Modern and progressive

New technologies in marine equipment to satisfy the needs of ship owners have since become vital for shipyards. Heinen & Hopman launched its office in Russia to bring the world’s leading HVAC solutions to a market that recognises Dutch technologies as being modern and progressive. Heinen & Hopman brought its comprehensive approach to engineering, manufacturing, supply and maintenance closer to its clients in Russia, Ukraine and Russian-speaking countries, avoiding any barriers in language or business style.

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Heinen & Hopman opened its own office in Russia, directly under Heinen & Hopman Netherlands, to provide direct service and high quality maintenance to any project in this vast country. A local branch allows customers straightforward and fast contact with the manufacturer, and ensures the special needs of any projects are followed closely.


Heinen & Hopman Russia has partners in every shipbuilding region in the country, from the North-West (St Petersburg, Vyborg, Kaliningrad) to the Far East (Sakhalin) and South (Astrakhan). We provide design & engineering for projects and equipment supply & maintenance for clients. In cooperation with Russian installation companies, Heinen & Hopman also guarantees local service for clients wherever they are located.

Heinen & Hopman main sectors of activity are civil shipbuilding and offshore. The company supplies air-conditioning systems, mechanical ventilation and central heating, provision cooling plants and refrigeration.

The year in which the office was opened brought new projects in several regions of Russia and Ukraine. In parallel with the developments of shipbuilding in Russia, Heinen & Hopman intends to expand business contacts and offer new HVAC technologies to the market.

Heinen & Hopman Russia provides the following services

  • Engineering / design for HVAC
  • Developing working documentation
  • Custom-made AC units, chillers, provision cooling plants, heat exchangers, fans, etc.
  • Comprehensive delivery of AC systems and mechanical ventilation systems, including all the necessary armatures, etc.
  • Spare parts supply
  • Installation, commissioning, supervision
  • After-sales maintenance
  • Training courses for operating personnel.



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